Case study

The revolution of sustainable living in just three months

When building your dream home, choosing a trusted partner is paramount.

The company A+ Hiša appears as an otherwise small family business that pays special attention to quality materials and well-executed details.

It offers innovative and sustainable housing solutions for environmentally conscious individuals looking for a comfortable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Our campaign goals​

We set the campaign goals with the company in September 2022

Develop an overall digital marketing strategy and exploit the market's potential

Improve digital presence

Sell at least one house in two months

The right digital marketing strategy is the first step

A well-developed marketing strategy is the basis for any company’s success and achieving its goals.

It is also a comprehensive plan that describes the steps and tactics needed to reach the target group, effectively promote services and promote growth.

One of the primary purposes of our strategy is to clearly define the company’s unique value proposition and connect it to the audience’s problem.

The company A+ Hiša consists of a team of experts who advise both in the construction phases and in communicating and implementing all the steps that lead the user to move in.

Because building a new home can be very stressful for the end user in addition to all the other daily obligations. However, if the company accepts this responsibility, it is undoubtedly a significant advantage for the end user.

Strategija komuniciranja na družbenih omrežjih A+Hiša
Gradnja na ključ je gradnja brez stresa! CTA A+hiša Naroči svojo hišo

A robust digital presence is of great importance

After the digital marketing strategy was developed, we focused on improving the conversion rate and forms and the buttons inviting the user to take action (CTA – call to action).

We wanted the company’s website to show its commitment to sustainable development and present wooden, ecological and passive houses.

With the renovation, we also emphasized the characteristics and advantages of individual types of houses and added detailed descriptions and visual displays. We also supported the website with optimized content, ensuring greater visibility and increased organic traffic.

To gain real awareness and attract potential customers, we carried out targeted campaigns with the help of social networks.

How to

Sell at least one house in two months

To achieve the campaign’s ultimate goal, we set out on a mission: to provide end users with a dream home while distinguishing themselves from the competition.

With rising prices and increasing concern about rising energy costs, we recognized the need to combine sustainability and energy efficiency.

We decided on a special offer: we added a condition to every house sold – WE WILL PAY the electricity costs for the next five years.

The response to this initiative has been overwhelming. In just three months, the flood of inquiries provided the company with construction projects for the entire year.

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