Case study

Impressive growth and expansion in the Czech, Hungarian and Slovak markets

The heavenly comfort offered by Lanuma’s soft and comfortable knitted tights was introduced to the Slovenian and Czech markets in March 2023.  

Our campaign aimed to increase return on advertising spend (ROAS) and reduce cost per acquisition (CPA).

Our agency was therefore entrusted with optimizing marketing campaigns in the Slovenian and Czech markets, focusing on improving ROAS and reducing CPA.

Video for even better results

After the first month of cooperation, dedicated video production has helped improve results further and further confirmed the cooperation’s outstanding professionalism and mutual effectiveness.

Campaign goals

Optimisation of campaigns on the Slovenian and Czech markets

Increase return on advertising spend ROAS

Reduce cost per acquisition CPA

Audience segmentation

Creative and engagingly designed ads

We supported the optimisation of campaigns with better audience segmentation, creative and engagingly designed ads and the often forgotten but essential email marketing.

We have also strongly emphasized continuous monitoring and possible additional optimisation.

Key metrics and results​

Outstanding results in no time

The optimized campaigns yielded outstanding results in the first month of our cooperation. 

The statistics of the Meta online platform showed a 43.39% increase in return on advertising (ROAS) compared to the baseline in March when we started our cooperation. We also reduced the cost per acquisition (CPA) by 29.06%!

We have seen a similar improvement in the Czech market, where ROA has increased by 26.8% and cost per user campaign has decreased by 13%. 


ROAS on Slovenian market


CPA in Slovenia


ROAS in Czech markets

Inspired by the outstanding results achieved in the Slovenian and Czech markets, the client extended our agency's role to digital marketing campaigns in the Hungarian market.

The campaign was launched in Hungary with an excellent initial response, as we received an enviable number of orders in the first two weeks and brought the ROAS to 4.5.

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