Case study

By implementing strategic discounts up to 200% higher sales

Modibodi Slovenia is a company that strives for a sustainable approach. Every fiber woven into their high-quality products that provide support during menstruation and incontinence, is a testament to their unyielding commitment.

We contacted the company in 2023, when the client was looking for a reliable partner who would help them achieve greater sales.

Our campaign goals​

We are happy to create success stories together with Modibodi. To many more!

Creatives that grab audience's attention

Achieve a high return on investment in advertising

Increase in purchases​

Create a new, different discount strategy

To achieve the goal, we resorted to a marketing campaign, the purpose of which was to increase the number of purchases and achieve a high return on investment in advertising for a company with a smaller budget.

The strategically designed campaign delivered an impressively high ROAS of 49.49!

Creative approach

We designed the campaign with standout animated creatives and text that helped the company capture the attention of the targeted audience and set them apart from the competition in a creative way.

The animated creatives were visually appealing and aligned with the brand identity. The goal of such an approach was to increase the ratio of impressions to clicks and turn those clicks into conversions.

Serija objav za stranko Modibodi
Kolekcija Modibodi sensual - objava

Discount strategy

During the campaign, we offered all customers a discount upon purchase. Since we are aware that this is not a technique that the Modibodi company has not picked up yet, we have divided the discount into two levels.

We offered a standard 20% discount to customers who paid up to €70 for their purchase. Those customers who filled the online basket for more than €70 were rewarded with a slightly higher discount.

We decided on a two-level level of discounts in order to increase the value of the online basket, which also affected the higher average purchase value (AOV).


Fear of missing out​

Our marketing approach proved to be extremely effective, as we pressed a powerful marketing trigger by placing the campaign in a limited three-day time frame.

Key metrics and results​

The results exceeded all expectations

With the judicious use of outstanding animated creatives and texts, a well-thought-out discount strategy and implementation through a time-limited campaign, we successfully achieved the goals we set at the start of the marketing campaign.







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