Case study

UGC ads deliver impressive results

NatashaSPAce was established in 2000 as a home for relaxation and beauty rituals. Since then, a lot has changed.  

Now in its 23rd year, the company is gradually creating its carefully curated collection of high-quality home skincare tools, preparations and nutritional supplements.

The company wanted to introduce a luxury massage device with microcurrents for massage, lymphatic drainage and lifting of the face, neck and eye area.

The digital campaign aimed to create awareness of the product and celebrate two things simultaneously – its second year of existence, and it also boasts an entry in the prestigious Grazia Beauty Awards 2023.


Challenges faced before the launch of the campaign

UGC campaigns in collaboration with influencers

Informative posts

Highlight participation in the prestigious Grazia Beauty Awards 2023 and celebrate Golden Guasha's second birthday.

Present the product. Many potential customers were unfamiliar with the concept of using Golden Guasha for skincare, so it was essential to highlight its benefits in the campaign.

Competition in the market. There are quite a few beauty and skincare products out there, which means the market is saturated, so we had to find the right way to get customers’ attention.

UGC creatives are becoming more and more critical

We designed a multi-faceted advertising strategy focused on user-generated content (UGC) and strategic ad placements to address the challenges and achieve the desired results.

The next step was strategic ad placement. Our team of experts identified the key platforms on which the client’s target audience is most active and used this data to optimise the campaign.

For Purity’s sonic silicone brushes for deep cleansing, eye massage and eye makeup removal, we built the campaign on content created by influencer Lara Nastran.

And the results?

ROAS of 16 in one month campaign

We achieved a high return on the advertising budget spent (ROAS). The strategic combination of UGC and targeted advertising delivered an impressive ROAS of 16.

The UGC-focused content campaign significantly increased brand awareness reached a wider audience, generated word-of-mouth ‘organic marketing’ and increased sales.

The client’s successful campaign demonstrated the power of UGC content design, strategic ad placements and influencer partnerships to deliver exceptional results quickly.

We are delighted to have been part of another success story.

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