Case study

How we conquered Black Friday with 6500 % return on ad spend

During the Black Friday week of 2023, we prepared and achieved a maximally effective campaign for Divine Nails while optimising the allocated budget.

With our collective effort and long-term collaboration, we devised a three-step plan that resulted in a 6500 % return on ad expenditure (65 ROAS!). How did we do it?


Campaign started 2 weeks before Black Friday

With the combination of e-mail marketing, Instagram posts and a simple video advertisement, our messaging was focused and clear – prepare for a big Black Friday sale.

Our goals were

Do not inundate users with BF messaging

Avoid confusing directions - keep information streamlined

Keep messaging concise and to the point

Video ads

Simple yet attention-grabbing video ad

A crucial component in our strategy was a simple yet attention-grabbing video ad.

Key concepts

Present an understandable environment for the user (text messaging)

Use familiar language

A clear focus on ONE idea (Black Friday sale)

Upbeat, exciting and attention-grabbing

Constant reminders

As ads generated buzz passively,

we also made sure to proactively advertise on a daily basis with curated daily social media posts.

Each post and deal was carefully conceived to only mention one specific category of products. This built excitement as it reinforced the urgency of the deal and primed the readers for new categories in the upcoming days.

The Results

In a single week, over double regular revenue from advertising

The limited sale alongside effective video advertising allowed us to achieve excellent results

This success can be attributed to:

  • Close collaboration between PIKA.DIGITAL and the brand
  • Excellent communication, direction and teamwork
  • Expertly crafted advertisements
  • Collective experience of the PIKA.DIGITAL and Divine Nails teams

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