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Unlocking the Potential of Budget Scheduling in Digital Marketing


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Meta has recently introduced a game-changing feature for advertisers looking to optimise their campaigns: budget scheduling. This useful tool is designed to enhance ad spend efficiency during critical promotional periods without the hassle of manual adjustments.

What is Budget Scheduling?

Budget scheduling is a dynamic feature that allows digital marketing agencies and advertisers to amplify their daily budgets for specific periods to capitalise on increased sales or promotional opportunities. Previously, advertisers and digital marketing agencies had to manually change their budget when they anticipated a spike in interest or during a sales event. Now, with budget scheduling, this process can be automated. Once the promotional period concludes, the budget automatically resets to the pre-set daily amount, simplifying campaign management.

How Does Budget Scheduling Work?

Imagine you have a campaign you expect to garner more attention over a holiday week. With budget scheduling, you can communicate with your digital marketing agency to set a higher budget threshold for that week to boost your ad’s visibility and maximise your return. Your budget will return to its standard daily limit as the week concludes. This not only maximises campaign reach during peak times but also eliminates the need for creating separate ad sets or making manual budget changes. Another benefit is that the ad does not re-enter the learning phase as it would if you had changed the budget manually.

Limits and Restrictions

The tool allows you to set a start and an end date for your scheduled budget increase. The increase can be achieved in a specific monetary amount or a percentage of the base daily budget. You can add up to 50 distinct time entries which allows you to potentially plan for up to several months in advance. Once it’s set up, it runs automatically, but we suggest re-assessing it on a monthly basis to see how well your campaigns are performing and adjust if needed.


Meta’s budget scheduling represents a useful update for digital advertising. By automating budget adjustments, Meta is providing businesses and digital marketing agencies with a powerful tool to increase efficiency and drive sales during critical periods such as the holidays. As the features roll out, advertisers are poised to experience a new level of control and effectiveness in their digital marketing efforts.

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Unlocking the Potential of Budget Scheduling in Digital Marketing



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