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Digital agency or in-house marketing employee?


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In the digital world, the success of companies depends heavily on a solid online presence and effective marketing strategies. Therefore, we are aware that you are wondering whether to start an online presence with the help of a digital agency or leave this responsibility to the role of an in-house marketing employee. Enough questions – we will explore the essential functions of digital agencies, the multifaceted duties of marketing professionals and the importance of these entities in today’s competitive market.

1. Professional knowledge and skills

Digital agency: One of the significant advantages of working with a digital agency is recruiting a diverse team of experts. A digital agency usually comprises experts in various fields, such as SEO, social media campaign preparation, content preparation and web design. This diversity allows for a comprehensive marketing approach that leverages multiple skills and insights.

In-house marketing employee: An in-house marketing person is dedicated exclusively to your company and the company’s subject matter but is usually only an expert in some of the areas mentioned above. Such a person provides a deep understanding of your company’s industry’s goals, values and requirements. Its focus can be adjusted to your current needs, promoting a stronger sense of alignment.

2. What is the difference in costs?

Digital agency: Although hiring a digital agency may seem more expensive at first glance, the long-term cost-effectiveness should be considered. Agencies typically offer scalable services that allow you to adjust the level of engagement as needed.

In-house marketing employee: Choosing an in-house marketing person can save costs for businesses with ongoing marketing needs. However, it should be noted that total expenditure includes salaries, allowances, training and any recruitment costs.

3. Flexibility?

Digital agency: Digital agencies thrive on flexibility. They thrive in a dynamic digital environment and can quickly adapt strategies to market changes and emerging trends. This flexibility ensures that your marketing efforts remain relevant and effective over time.

In-house marketing employee: While marketing people have an in-depth understanding of your brand, they may need more exposure to various industry practices and trends. That can limit their ability to adapt to changing marketing environments quickly.

4. Use of marketing tools

Digital agency: Established digital agencies usually have access to cutting-edge marketing tools and analytics software. These resources enable data-driven decision-making and provide valuable insight into campaign performance, customer behaviour and ROI.

In-house marketing employee: Access to marketing tools depends on the size and budget of your company. For this reason, a dedicated marketing person may not have access to the same level of resources and advanced tools that a digital agency can offer.

5. Time and efficiency

Digital agency: By working with a digital agency, you can streamline your marketing efforts and focus on your company’s other core business activities. Agencies are equipped with various professionals, which results in the efficient performance of many marketing tasks, which can lead to faster results.

In-house marketing employee: An in-house marketing employee may face time constraints and be unable to fully commit to all marketing activities, especially in smaller organizations with limited staff.

Choosing between a digital agency and your marketing staff depends on your company’s unique needs, budget and long-term goals.

A digital agency offers a diverse talent pool, scalability and specialized expertise, while an in-house marketing person provides dedicated attention, brand alignment and potential cost savings.

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Digital agency or in-house marketing employee?

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