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How to advertise during the holidays


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Holiday advertising is crucial for your business since digital marketing defines your year-round achievements and sets the stage for the next year as sales typically decline. We are a marketing agency so we understand how to enhance sales during the holiday season and leverage the power of online advertising. This period is ideal for increasing your advertising budget and showcasing your products and services in the best light possible. To prepare for holiday advertising, we present effective strategies and techniques to boost your holiday sales.

Diversity in Creatives

Let’s start with the basics for a successful digital advertising campaign: how you present your products or services significantly impacts your success in digital marketing. Diversity in images of your ads can greatly enhance the appeal of your offer, presenting the same product in new and interesting ways. Highlight product benefits, utilize positive customer feedback, or mimic User-Generated Content (UGC) to showcase your products. With a careful approach, you will improve product’s visibility and build consumer trust.

Testing Various Offers

Promotions are key to successful holiday advertising. 82% of customers say discounts are a significant factor in their holiday shopping decisions. Test different types of offers in your ads to find what works best for your target audience. Consult with a digital marketing agency for new, interesting, and effective approaches tailored to you and your company.

Creating a Sense of Urgency

For effective digital advertising, create ads that convey a sense of urgency with messages such as “only a few items left” or “only a day left until offer ends”. Ensure messages are realistic and supported by specific data, but is not overly aggressive or commanding.

Highlighting Holiday Delivery

Many people make last-minute purchases, so don’t forget to mention additional benefits like guaranteed delivery by a certain date in your digital ads. This creates urgency and enhances your ad’s appeal.

Focus on Customer Values and Emotions

For effective ads and increasing holiday sales, your digital ads should emphasize features important to your customers, such as eco-friendly ingredients or handmade craftsmanship. A recent Meta study showed that product authenticity influenced 82% of customers’ decisions during the holidays.

Clear Messaging

Your digital ads should clearly communicate the action a customer needs to take in order to gain a discount or subscribe to a newsletter, for example. Use simple and direct language in your messages, focusing on one main idea per sentence or ad, like “Subscribe to newsletters for free shipping” or “Buy today for delivery by Christmas”.

Post-Holiday Demand

Your advertising should continue into the new year despite declining purchases. This maintains contact and trust with potential customers while capturing those who delay their holiday shopping for post-holiday discounts. According to a Meta study, 41% of shoppers say their shopping usually extends beyond the holiday season.

Retargeting Holiday Shoppers

Despite increased purchases during the holidays, many customers will still be interested in your products or services post-holidays, especially if you offer attractive promotions or discounts. Send beneficial and relevant ads to customers who have already finished their purchases during the holidays.

New Year’s Resolutions

How to increase the power of digital ads in January? This period typically sees a drop in sales, but this also means less competition and lower advertising costs. Discover how your products or services help individuals with their self-improvement goals and focus on ads that enable them to fulfil their New Year’s resolutions.

Increasing Purchases Through Ads

A Meta study found that 75% of customers discovered products on Meta platforms through sponsored and paid content during the 2022 holidays. This proves that digital marketing has become an indispensable tool for increasing your sales and guaranteeing success during the holidays.

When considering these strategies for online digital marketing, it’s crucial to follow principles and approaches for effective advertising. If you don’t, you risk wasting your advertising budget without effective results.

At PIKA.DIGITAL, we offer consultation, assistance, or even manage your entire advertising campaign from start to finish, including content preparation, advertising plan, success analysis, and adjustments based on achieved results.

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